Marble fact ....


As the favourite medium for Greek and Roman sculptors and architects marble has become a cultural symbol of tradition and refined taste.

Bathroom surfaces and floors must have durable materials that are impervious to water and add an element of elegance and beauty. There is a wide range of materials that serve as good candidates for cladding bathroom surfaces and vanities. Amongst them, natural stone surfaces are unparalleled in their durability, visual appeal and their stain and scratch resistance.


Granite stands as the most favourite amongst the bathroom surface claddings due to several properties. Granite surfaces, once properly sealed and polished, are highly resistant to stains, chemicals, and normal wear and tear forces experienced in a bathroom. 


Marble, on the other hand, like all natural stone tiles, is highly reactive to acidic elements like shampoo, soap and toothpaste. However, reactions can be avoided by adding a floor sealer to marble bathroom tiles. Marble’s unique smooth colours and patterns make it a popular choice for bathroom vanities, bath surrounds and fireplaces. Through various processes, we can achieve many different marble finishes such as polished, honed or acid washed to give it a distinctive look.


Marble tiles are hardy, and will last a lifetime if you take care of them well enough. Marble tiles are naturally waterproof as well. They are well worth the initial investment, and the overall quality and look is unbeatable.