When it comes to creating ambiance and warmth in a home, nothing can beat a fireplace. The ultimate in both frugality and luxury could be successfully accomplished in one’s home through the installation of a stone mantle and fireplace surround. The heat and light feels almost warmer when radiating from a natural stone fireplace. 


Recognition of the profoundly symbolic nature of a fireplace, and the need to acknowledge its place as the hearth of the family, has led to the creation of more elaborate stone and marble contemporary fireplaces.


Enjoy the warmth of a flame emitted from a fireplace and experience that same feeling of contentment today as our ancestors did centuries before us. It is a basic sentiment shared by all people regardless of time and space and is as old as recorded history itself.

Granite facts....


According to scientific theory, the newest piece of granite on the planet is almost 750 million years old.


Because it's so old, granites' durability isn't measured in years - it's measured in eons!