At home, it could be your kitchen, bathroom or living that is in need of the natural stone surface with the best visual, textural, mechanical and tensile properties afforded by the best natural granite, marble or quartz. Like natural stones themselves, we are concerned with satisfying your desire for visual appeal and durability.


Looking to bring more business in? Make a great first impression with new granite countertops in your office, restaurant, salon or hotel. We do it all: kitchens, bathroom vanity tops, bar and table tops, front desks, bars, upper counters, meeting tables and much more.


Night Sky Stones have natural stone veneer solutions for any of your surfaces,

be it domestic or commercial.



If you are a home and/or commercial property owner looking to add everlasting and quality stonework to your property, you are definitely in the right place! At Night Sky Stones, we specialise in all kinds of interior and exterior stonework that add elegance, stability, structural conformity and ever-lasting beauty.