When selecting surface material for your kitchen bench top, you need to take into account the functional and aesthetic expectations. In a number of ways, natural stone surfaces outperform the synthetic sold surface materials such as acrylic and polyester. There is a clear trend amongst homeowners who prefer natural rock surfaces with cool colours that add structural elegance and naturalness to their kitchen. 


Granite and quartz have equally competitive properties that qualify them as a better alternative as kitchen bench tops over man-made materials. Both granite and quartz resist stains, corrosive liquids, heat and cold, knife nicks, cracking and chipping and other occasional abuses inherent in kitchen work. Granite’s porous nature requires annual sealing to maintain its functionality, whist quartz needs little maintenance. 


Both granite and quartz can satisfy your visual and aesthetic demands as they can present a tantalizing range of patters and colours. Though quartz is said to stand higher in the visual perfection, the choice comes down to individual taste. 

Granite facts ....


Granite is one of the hardest substances in the world.  In fact, the only thing that is harder than granite is diamonds.


This is why granite is so sought after as a bench top -  it is scratch resistant.