Staircase fact ....


Did you ever wonder why most spiral staircases ascend in a clockwise direction?


Spiral staircases originated as a defense mechanism in medieval castles because all knights were right-handed.

Whether you are after curved or geometric, modern or contemporary, or even a more traditional and colonial type of staircase, Night Sky Stones will create and build a custom staircase to meet your requirements.


All of our staircases reflect a high quality of craftsmanship, design and finish. We offer our services to all builders, developers, architects and designers of both commercial and residential sites. The choice of material depends largely on the style of stair or balustrade required, and the particular look that you want to achieve.


Night Sky Stones approach every staircase individually. Not only do we offer exceptional service, as we are aware that a staircase is often the main feature of a home but we aspire to please all our clients and surpass their expectations. We maintain strict attention to detail so that your staircase can be a focal point of your home or building.