Stonework has adorned many structures ranging from houses, buildings, churches, monuments and all other man-made structures, to give them elegance, a natural look and stability and longevity.


Night Sky Stones has highly specialised in natural stone veneer from granite, marble and quartz. We use only the highest quality materials that we import from all over the world. They include;

Granite, marble and quartz have fascinated man since the beginning of the history. Quarrymen to fixer masons, there have been line of craftsmanship involved in mining, shaping, carving and fixing these wonderful creations of nature to give our interiors and exteriors that classical beauty.

Quartz - the marvel of natural stone veneer


Harder than granite, quartz or Caesar stone serve as the best in natural stone surfaces. Quartz veneer is the most resistant to heat and stains, and can be polished to a mirror-like finish. It provides you with the most extensive range of colours and even in its native form, is the most appealing to the eye. Its mechanical and physical properties allow it to be made into extremely thin sheets, which reduce the overall weight of the veneer. Quartz veneer can also enhance the visual appearance as it can be made into larger sections, minimizing joints.

Marble - renown for its rich visual expression


Although it is not as hard as granite, marble can add unparalleled elegance and colour to your bathroom. The marble we use comes from the best marble quarries of the world.  The best quality marble with the best craftsmanship by our extremely talented workmen can give you a luxuriant visual appearance and texture that you dream of.





Granite - the hardest, resistant to heat and stains and easy to clean


Granite, due to its mechanical and chemical properties, allows mirror-like polishing, which gives its surface an extremely fine and smooth texture and feel. It’s mellow, unobtrusive light colours range from pink and dark to light grey, which give a peaceful and calm visual effect, making it an excellent choice for work surfaces for your bathroom, kitchen, office or hotel.